Many entrepreneurs believe that "good marketing" requires a lot of effort and money. In this article I want to show you a few, simple actions, that can make all the difference in your business. Here are listed 9 simple and effective strategies for micro and small businesses.

1. Brand and visual identity
"Your brand is your face", so if you don't already have it, create or hire a professional to create your brand.
Hiring a design professional can be great, however, there are platforms like WeDoLogos where you can develop your brand at a more affordable price.
The visual identity must be very well developed, including the colors that can influence consumers.
From the definition of your brand, you must apply it to materials such as business cards, stationery, websites, social media, among others.
It is an efficient way to identify your company in the different types of media you use. The costs of this service vary widely, but it is a worthwhile investment!

2. Leaflets and forms
Initially it is necessary to create the layout and texts. Therefore, separate the differentials of your company and your product: use sales pitches and images to illustrate.
Some companies make a common mistake: they forget to include the brand and contact details! Never forget that.
You can print your material through printers with competitive prices that perform this type of work via the Internet.

3. Sites and blogs
Have you ever thought that your customers search for your product on Google and find nothing?
Well, this is a common mistake: not having a digital presence. To fix this it is interesting to build a website or a blog.
Think about layouts, publications, hiring registration and hosting services. A more affordable option is to create a fanpage on Facebook.

4. Social networks
Being present on social networks is mandatory! Many companies have used Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even WhatsApp as a business strategy.
The important thing is to identify which social network your audience is on, create a profile and keep it updated. Set up your page / profile, create an update plan and try not only to talk about your business, but also offer useful and related content.

5. Email marketing
Do you already have a customer register and e-mails there?
If you have a list of people who have authorized you to send emails, use it! It is a great direct channel to promote your company, do promotions, research and relationships.
The tip is: take care of the layout, the subject of the message and personalize it with your client's name and use it sparingly (no more sending emails daily).

6. Relationship
One of the biggest marketing secrets is knowing how to listen to the customer and maintain a healthy relationship with them.
It is necessary to have a strategy to assess satisfaction, establish contact and promote loyalty. Often a little research applied at the counter or on the phone with a sample of your clients can bring you brilliant ideas.
You can also do it over the internet, there are tools (like this one) that have free versions.

7. Promotions
Using sales promotion strategies such as: sweepstakes, discounts, distribution of gifts, loyalty cards, etc ... are ways to drive sales and attract more customers.
The investment of this action can vary a lot, but it is possible to carry it out in a modest and creative way. But, especially in social networks, it is important to pay attention to some rules.

8. Partnerships
A good idea is to try to establish partnerships with other companies, especially if it has a relationship with your business.
For example: a tennis store can advertise its services with a gym; an eye clinic with an optics; a language school with a city college.
It is clear that this partnership must have a relationship where both win, where you and your partner have concrete benefits.

9. External events
If you have a bicycle shop, how about promoting a cycling tour? Have you ever thought about a music school promoting a band contest?
These are initiatives that can bring good publicity to your brand and even sales of your products / services.
Did you like the tips? Let's put it into practice then!